Ethernet Network Cables

May 11, 2018
Connect a Category 5 (or
2 Rosewill RCW-582 Network Patch Cable This Cat 6 cable reduces impedance and structural return loss when compared to typical 100 MHz wire. Reduction of these factors also ensures a better performance and more reliability, making the Rosewill RCW-582 one of the best values on the market in patch cables. Various colors and connectors are also offered in the Rosewill line to meet every need for Ethernet connectivity.
StarTech's C6PATCH50GN Patch Cable
This cable provides clean Ethernet connectivity and reliability and features molded PVC strain relief construction. This means that the RJ45 connector points will not bend and damage the cables, preventing poor system performance. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the wires are 100 percent copper for quality performance and durability.
Cables To Go Cat 5 350 MHz Snagless Patch Cable
This cable handles up to 350 MHz of bandwidth-intensive signal and reduces structure return loss when compared to regular Cat 5 cable. The Cables To Go Cat 5 cable can easily handle voice, data, and other transmissions and minimizes near-end crosstalk with high quality wire construction and a shortened body plug. These cables are available in several colors to make installation and coding easy for network setups.
Coboc Cat 6 Network Cable
This cable is ideal for demanding and high-performance settings. New Gigabit networks demand both forward and backward compatibility to integrate all network components, and Coboc Cat 6 products deliver. The cable is 24 AWG stranded with four unshielded twisted pairs and comes in a variety of colors. This cable handles extremely bandwidth-intensive applications.

Finding Ethernet Patch Cables on eBay

Users can find Ethernet patch cables in several ways on eBay. One way is to use general search terms such as " Ethernet cable" or "patch cable" to locate groups of items, and then narrow down the search with more specific terms designating brand, speed, and other factors. If that method returns too many hits, users may want to visit the Search Tips page for more ideas on how to find Ethernet patch cables.
Users can further enhance their eBay buying experience by using the Ask A Question and Feedback Rating features. Ask A Question allows buyers to communicate directly with sellers to find the answers to individual queries about products. This feature allows buyers to be sure they are getting the right product for their needs before spending their time and money. The Feedback Rating section lets buyers enter information about their dealings with a particular seller. This is especially helpful for other buyers who may also consider doing business with a seller.
10.88 100 FT CAT5 RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable Blue-CL042BU
10.88 100 FT CAT5 RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable Blue-CL042BU
Ethernet Network Cables - D-TV Episode #2
Ethernet Network Cables - D-TV Episode #2
CL098GY-10 Feet Grey Cat5E Network Ethernet Lan Cable Cat5 5E
CL098GY-10 Feet Grey Cat5E Network Ethernet Lan Cable Cat5 5E
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