Different Network cables

February 10, 2016
Different Network Cables

At CABLExpress, we are big proponents of a healthy lifestyle, fitness, and athleticism. This applies to both our personal efforts to stay healthy, and our desire to design and build healthy data center cabling infrastructures (just say no to the cabling spaghetti). And believe it or not, we’re also huge football fans! Being in the midst of football season, we cannot help but think about the similarities between football and the cabling industry. We're especially thinking about its relation to the introduction of the Category 8 standard within copper patching.

Data center cabling is much like a game-winning drive down the field in the final minutes of a football game. Picture it: Brady or Manning is poised under center with the clock ticking away. The pressure builds and focus intensifies. It’s just like data moving through network cabling!

The football game in your cables

In both football and cabling, you have constant synergy working to provide a successful solution. You also have many “players” trying to limit that solution from taking place. Those are like the defenders out there trying to sack Cam Newton or Carson Palmer.

With the introduction of Category 8 and its new limitations of 30 meters rather than the CAT6a standards of 100 meters (almost like a football field!), more defenders are in the game working against your total patching solution. Any limitation to your cabling will test your strengths the same way the other team tests you on the gridiron.

So what does this mean?

Just like in a football season, you’ll have to concentrate on the fundamentals in practice in order to perform at your peak level on the field. This means that more research, careful planning, and flawless execution is critical when you are considering a data center cabling project in the near future.

Respect is also necessary in the game of football. You have to maintain respect for the integrity of the game, your teammates, and even the rival teams you’re competing against. Similarly, respect is also important in the data center. Here at CABLExpress, we live by the Respect Layer One philosophy. If you respect the first layer of the data center and build a quality cabling infrastructure, you can maximize the performance of your network.

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