What is Ethernet Patch Cables?

February 5, 2019
Category 5 patch cable in

Cat5e STP (Twisted Pairs with overall Shield) Ethernet Patch Cables

Ethernet is a multi-purpose communication protocol that has become the data standard for the industrial market. AutomationDirect offers several PLCs, HMIs and drives that support the Ethernet protocols for data distribution, software programming and configuration. These Ethernet cables are ideal for the AutomationDirect products and other devices that support Ethernet communications.

Designed for Industrial Use
The noise interference radiated from electrical components that is often associated with factory floor environments can result in partial or complete data loss. This may result in delays or complete communication loss in extremely noisy environments. Our Ethernet patch cables are designed to reduce the effects of (EMI) electromagnetic interference.
  • A single metal foil shield wraps around the entire set of 8 wires (4 twisted pairs) in the Cat5e cable.
  • The RJ45 connectors are also shielded against electrical interference and designed to be robust.
  • Our 350 MHz cables exceed all Cat5e TIA/EIA standards, and drastically reduce both impedance and structural return loss (SRL) when compared to standard 100 MHz cables.
  • With a variety of colors and lengths to choose from at great prices, these patch cables help you build solid, reliable Ethernet networks with any application.
Cat5e Ethernet Cables, Patch Cables


  • Connector; 50-micron gold plated RJ45 male plugs
  • Conductor; 4-pair 24 AWG stranded copper
  • Overall foil shielded Ethernet cable for industrial applications
  • Crossover cables are labeled with "crossover" on both ends of the cat5e cable
  • Exceeds Category 5e specifications, 350MHz
  • Multiple lengths and colors
  • RoHS compliant
  • CM rated, suitable for general use other than plenum spaces.
    (Not suitable for use in spaces between the walls or floors of buildings)

Cat5e Ethernet cables start at $4.50 (C5E-STPGY-S3)

Ethernet Patch Cables and Crossover Patch Cables
    • 3 ft. (0.9m), 7 ft. (2.13m), 10 ft. (3.05m), 14 ft. (4.3m), 25 ft. (7.6m), 50 ft. (15.2m) lengths
    • STP - Shielded twisted pair (with overall foil shield)
    • PVC cable jacket in 8 colors
    • RJ45 male connectors
    • 350 MHz, 4-pair 24 AWG stranded copper
    • Cat5e cables can support 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps
    • Exceeds Category 5e cable specifications
    • PVC cable jacket (yellow or orange)
    • Labeled as "Crossover" on both ends of cat5e cable
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