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July 24, 2017
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There are times when you want to transfer your important files and documents from one computer to another. Especially, if you are to manage multiple computers on your home network or a workgroup, transferring files between them becomes tedious. Though you can use the following alternatives to transfer data.

1. The mostly used media to transfer files or documents is removable disk (USB drive). But the drawback of the removable media is that if you want to transfer a large amount of data, you need to divide that in various part as the total data would not fit in the limited space of your USB drive. It is also slow comparatively with the hard disk.

Hence, you should use a fast, reliable and all time available way. One of the best choice to transfer files between two Windows computers is connecting them with an Ethernet cable.

The Ethernet cable is nothing but a simple cable connected with RJ45 clips at both ends. Bu it comes with two different configuration.

1. Straight-through cable.

2. Crossover cable.

You can see the configuration diagram of both types from the following image.

Where the crossover cable can be used only for file transferring, the straight-through cable can be used in various purposes.

Here I will discuss how to connect two Windows computers on LAN though an Ethernet crossover cable and how to transfer files, folders, videos, pictures, images etc. between them.

Create a Home network using an Ethernet crossover cable

Things that you’ll need:

1. A crossover or straight-through cable. This time I am using the crossover cable.

2. Supported network card in both computer.

3. Both of the computers should have the Ethernet driver installed in it.

Configuring the computers

Below are the steps involved in configuring your computer to connect them on a LAN using Ethernet cable.

Step 1. In order to start the connection, you’ll have to assign different IP address for both computers. To change the IP address of your computers for the LAN connection, you should make changes in the LAN adapter settings.

  • Open Control panel from the start menu and click on Network and Internet and click on Network and Sharing center.
  • From the left sidebar, click on Change adapter settings.
  • Under the Network connections window select the appropriate icon for your LAN adapter and right-click on it, then choose Properties.
connect cable pc or switch (Computer Networking Video
connect cable pc or switch (Computer Networking Video ...
Connecting two PCs via LAN gaming
Connecting two PCs via LAN gaming
How to connect two pc via lan cable
How to connect two pc via lan cable
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