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October 23, 2017
Cat6 Ethernet cables are
Cat6 Ethernet cables are highly regarded for their capacity to increase signal strength and speed even across far distances. Cable quality is exceptionally important as the 200-foot mark indicates. This premium Cat6 network router is compliant with the standards set forth by the UL listed wire. It has high bandwidth capacity, which is compatible for use with various XBOX and PS game consoles. The twisted-pair application permits use with patch panels, DSL and cable modems, routers, switches, hubs, and network adapters. The 50-micron gold-plated tips match the RJ-45 configuration, and the gender is male to male. This cable is compatible with 10, 100, and 1000 Base-T networks.

  • 550 MHz
  • UTP patch cable
  • 50-micron gold-plated tips
25-Foot In-Wall High Speed HDMI 1.4 Cable with Ethernet

The HDMI Ethernet Channel is a dedicated data channel within a male to male HDMI cable, and it is designed to facilitate two-way data communication. This cable is a functional hybrid between HDMI and Ethernet. It is a 25-foot long Ethernet cable with two HDMI ports. It has an oxygen-free twisted copper pair of wires, which facilitates consistency during the transmission of data. Devices that interface with this cable can send audio streams because of the HDMI interface. The dual-tinned braids are made from copper, and they have triple-shield protection. The aluminum mylar foil also reinforces the protective capacity of the entire cable. The 24k gold-plated terminal ends of this high-quality cable ensure the longevity of the connection while also reducing the corrosive effect seen in other cables, especially over long periods of time. The minimum bandwidth is 10.2 gigabytes per second. Finally, this cable is capable of displaying modern 3D content.

  • Bi-directional data transfer
  • PVC jacket
  • RoHS and HDCP Compliance

Finding Extra-Long Ethernet Cables on eBay

To find long Ethernet cables on eBay, simply go to the homepage, and look for the All Categories field. There is a small triangle to the right of this field. Click on the triangle, and look for Computers, Tablets, & Networking. After the page loads, type in the name of the desired Ethernet cable into the main search field at the top of the page. Review the results, and click on some of the sub-categories on the left side of the page to see additional examples of extra-long cables. Another way to view more results is to scroll to the bottom of the page. There will be a series of numbers with arrows pointing to the left and to the right. Click on these numbers to view more search results. If this does not suffice, return to the top of the page, and click on the Advanced search link. Fill out as much of this page as possible before refreshing the search pages.


Ethernet cables provide effective communication between network devices. The length of the cable is an important trait when considering the parts of the cable indicating quality. This is especially true for the type of conductive metal as well as the quality of the tips. Gold metal tips improve conductivity and resist corrosion. Selecting an extra-long cable may degrade the signal if the materials and insulation are not high-quality. Researching these specifications will always improve the results of the Ethernet installation.
VLOG: My long ethernet cable!
VLOG: My long ethernet cable!
Super Long Ethernet Cable
Super Long Ethernet Cable
Get Long Distance HDMI via Ethernet Cables - HD Nation Clips
Get Long Distance HDMI via Ethernet Cables - HD Nation Clips
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